Finishing Foil

Finishing Foil is an eco-friendly finish that impregnates paper with water-based acrylic resin and then coats the surface with water-based lacquer

In order to overcome the increase in the painting cost of patterned wood products, 

this material was developed in Europe in the 1970s and has been used since the late 1980s, 

so it does not require painting and is processed only by adhesion.

Currently, it is used for interior and finishing of furniture such as frame doors, art walls, lighting boxes, front and rear of furniture body.

Features of Finishing Foil

Representation of various surfaces 

- Expression of various surfaces such as gloss, matte, semi matte, embossed, etc. 

- Smooth and warm texture close to wood

Variety of Utilization 

-It is applicable to curved surfaces as well as flat surfaces. 

The rear surface is adhesive so that it can be used like an interior film.(Instantly attachable)

Eco-friendly materials

-It is a harmless and odorless product and does not emit toxic gas when burned.

-Since it is an eco-friendly material, it can lower the risk of sick building syndrome.

Superior properties of matter

- Excellent water resistance, pollution resistance, wear resistance, and chemical resistance.

- There is little discoloration.

- It is easier to cut than PVC, coated paper. 

Structure and Function of Finishing Foil 

Application of Finishing Foil

Kitchen and general furniture

Sink bodies, shelves and drawers, tables, bed frames, children's furniture, shoe cabinets, closet tables, and other furniture.


Rapping and door


Curved surface applicable (3 of 6 sides))
Immediate application (adhesion to the rear of the finishing foil and attachment to the field immediately

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