HI-FLEX Low-banding LPM ■Korea's first development 

LPM that does not cause board banding even with single-sided press adhesion 

Use of LPM on only one side of the sheet provides greater material selection 

Furniture door front and rear

  • Front matte or special Embo / rear matte 
  • Easy press molding and advantageous for preventing bending 

Furniture door rear

  • PET with front high gloss, with HIFLEX LPM on the rear 
  • After cross-sectional press adhesive, it easier for front glass PET PUR adhesive 

Rear sheet for furniture body (2.7–4.5 MM) 

  • Same applicable to regular LPM body collar and embossed plates in use 
  • It is very easy to work with minimal bending

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