ICC, Korea's leading eco-friendly surface finishing company 


Based on the support and interest of many people, ICC is moving toward a better tomorrow than yesterday.

Our passion and challenges are directed at the world.
With better technology and innovative products, we are making our name known to the global community beyond the domestic market.

Our company has steadily improved the technology of impregnating deco paper since its establishment.
Based on this, we have developed all eco-friendly surface finishes using paper.

Finishing foil and LPM, which are widely used as eco-friendly products in developed countries overseas, are the proud results of our company.
We don't make any concessions in terms of technology and quality. 

ICC is a leader in the LPM/FF field in Korea.
This was possible due to constant research and investment in resin and impregnation technologies. 

We will always look at tomorrow and walk without stopping, not being satisfied with today.
Based on steady research and development, we will focus on developing new products and become a world-class craftsman in the field of deco paper impregnation and surface finishing. 

We believe there should be no fouls in the process.
We will become a clean company that practices business ethics through transparent transactions and fair competition.

ICC executives and employees will listen to customers' small voices.
We promise to become a humble company that communicates harmoniously and smoothly and pursues coexistence and coexistence. 

We will repay the customer's support and trust.

Thank you.

Jang Young-hwan, CEO

Our facilities

We are operating a total of 5 equipment including LPM and Finishing Foil Coating Machine.


Since installing the first finishing foil production facility in Korea in 2002, 

we have secured advanced manufacturing technologies through constant research and investment, 

including the world's first development of UV foil and PET foil, and low-banding LPM. 


Finishing Foil, LPM

Simultaneous production facility installation completed
(Korea's first and largest)


ICC Unit 3 Expansion

(Facilities of German VITS)


German high speed foil coating machine,
Installing the Hologram Logo Printing Machine 


the first in Korea
Finishing Foil,
T-White LPM Production Supply 


ICC Unit 2 Expansion
(Facilities of German VITS) 


Paper UV Foil  and PET Foil

World's First Development Patent Application 

(LPM for painting , Super PET UV Foil)



Establishment of Overseas Investment Corporation in Vietnam 

(The latest impregnation machine, press machine, resin reaction equipment) 

Establishment of a corporation specializing in resin production 

LPM/FF Resin Reaction and Development 


Development of HIFLEX Low Banding LPM /
Anti-inflammatory LPM FF patent registration 


Newest LPM dedicated wetting line expansion
(1 European line) 

A total of 5 equipment units are in operation

ICC Partner

Best Eco-Friendly Partners by Construction and Furniture Companies

ICC is making the best products for the customer's product finish. 

We are regarded as the best partner by Korea's leading construction companies and furniture companies 

for our construction value and quality of production products, 

as well as our customers' construction and construction values, market-leading design, and eco-friendliness.

We will also repay you with the best products through continuous research and development. 


Please Enjoy the Atmosphere

50, Jangjagol-ro, Danwon-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea
Tel. 031-494-8864  |  Fax. 031-494-8836  |  www.eicc.co.kr

Tel. 031-494-8864 | Fax. 031-494-8836 | www.eicc.co.kr
Ansan City , Korea